Turbine Analysis

Turbines and compressors provide the power for core processes and hence reliability on them are at the highest. Turbine oils go through various ranges of conditions of which primary degradation mechanisms are thermal and oxidation degradation. Additionally, the lubricant must remain contaminant-free to ensure proper lubrication of the gears and bearings.

  • Kinematic viscosity at 40 degrees C (ASTM D445)
  • Water by Karl Fisher (ASTM D6304)
  • Insoluble particulates (ASTM D4898)
  • Acid number (ASTM D664)
  • Neutralization number (ASTM D974)
  • Elemental spectroscopy (ASTM D5185)
  • Rust (ASTM D665-A)
  • Demulsibility (IP 19)
  • Foam (ASTM D892)
  • Flash point (ASTM D92)
  • Air release (DIN 51636)
  • Cleanliness code (ISO 4406)
  • RPVOT (ASTM D2272)