Oil Analysis Audit


For an oil analysis programme to be successful, it is essential to follow proper sampling procedures and provide correct sample data to the testing lab.

Also, it is necessary to establish and maintain good housekeeping practices for storing and dispensing the various fluids. We undertake comprehensive site audits to check these aspects, identify the gaps and suggest useful changes.

Ultra-Labs Employ qualified auditors who will conduct sampling audits and provide recommendations wherever necessary.

Report Content:

Our comprehensive audit report will provide you with information related to non-compliance to standards. The content of the audit report will include observations on:

  • Lubrication Objectives
  • Lubrication KPI
  • Documentation and Procedures
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Lubricant Storage Area
  • Lubricant Procurement
  • Sampling Intervals
  • The action was taken against the oil analysis report
  • HSSE practises
  • Employee training programme

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